Boycott Complicit Israeli Tech

Boycott Complicit Israeli Tech

The relationship between Israeli tech and the IDF is becoming ever more problematic. We are calling for a boycott of Israeli tech companies who are complicit in their support of the genocide being committed, and employ large numbers of reservists who are directly committing massacres in Gaza today.

These companies should not feel comfortable advertising and selling their services to customers and businesses who are unaware of their direct complicity in crimes against humanity. The Israeli tech sector's alliance with the IDF goes way beyond innovation. In coordination with the state, the sector aims to whitewash the IDF’s crimes while projecting an image of innovation and progressivism.

Just last week, a group of 65 prominent US investors and business leaders were taken on the Israel Tech Mission propaganda tour “to show solidarity” and meet with tech executives, Israeli politicians including war cabinet Minister Benny Gantz and IDF soldiers. The trip’s organizer, David Siegel said “The technology community recognizes the heightened need for support as many Israeli entrepreneurs and their workforces are on the front lines as reservists.”

Boycotting complicit tech is not just a call for action; it is a demand for accountability. We will continue to shed light on tech companies and leaders complicit in these actions.

The following Israeli companies have either published statements that condoned the ongoing genocide in Palestine or their leaders have actively supported Israel's war crimes either through their statements or actions.

We call on all customers, employees, and partners to terminate their relationship with these companies.

End tech's support of genocide.