The curious case of Keith Rabois, a pro-genocide GP at Founders Fund

The curious case of Keith Rabois, a pro-genocide GP at Founders Fund

Keith Rabois is a name that is synonymous with Silicon Valley. After senior roles at PayPal, LinkedIn, and Square, he turned investor at Khosla Ventures, and took up his current role of general partner at Peter Thiel's Founders Fund in 2019.

It isn't clear whether moving to Miami may have had an effect, but Keith spends a disproportionate amount of this time bullying supporters of human rights on X whilst also weaponizing anti-semitism to silence critics of genocide.

In a quest to downplay Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza, Keith has opted for a classic disinformation playbook:

  • Downplayed the gravity of the Holocaust
  • Dehumanized Palestinians and equated the entire population with Hamas
  • Advocated for collective punishment and the loss of Palestinian lives
  • Attempted to minimize the magnitude of Palestinian civilian deaths while simultaneously blaming Palestinians for their own demise
  • Coined the disturbing phrase “Hamas children”

Keith is also equally happy to openly insult his investors. In a recent post he expressed the immorality of raising money from Saudi Arabia, whilst the Kingdom's Public Investment Fund's venture investing subsidiary, Sanabil who allocate $3 billion annually to the ecosystem, are a limited partner in Founders Fund.

We call on Founders Fund's LPs, GPs, and investees, to condemn Keith’s rhetoric and declare his position untenable.

We continue to call on the venture capital community to unite in the name of humanity, and end their support of the ongoing genocide perpetrated by Israel and its government.