Lux Capital's Josh Wolfe is deep in the red

Lux Capital's Josh Wolfe is deep in the red

Josh Wolfe is co-founder and Managing Partner of Lux Capital and a keen genocide supporter. Josh hails from Brooklyn, New York, but could easily be mistaken for a right-wing settler based on many of the voices he promotes online.

Even for a venture capitalist, he spends a disproportionate amount of his time sharing his unqualified opinions on social media. He has unabashedly rejected calls for a ceasefire, and supported Israeli war crimes and human rights violations, even at the cost of lives of the hostages he claims to advocate for.

Josh is a staunch supporter of the destruction of Gaza and the lives of the Palestinians who live there. He stands firm against a ceasefire even at a Palestinian body count of over 11,000 which in his posted (and reposted) opinion does not constitute genocide either because the number is still too small, or because genocides are not really genocides when exacted upon non-Jews.

While performing his due diligence on the topic, Josh conveniently missed the following statement in the next paragraph in the very same Wikipedia article. "The Convention defines genocide as any of five acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group." He also chooses to ignore the many genocidal statements made by Israeli government and military leaders over the past month.

Unsurprisingly, Josh is betting on the future of war. He’s joined fellow genocide supporters at Founders Fund, 8VC, and Andreessen Horowitz investing in Defense Tech Anduril. Venture capital’s obsession with profit from war is quite reflective of American policy. As we’ve seen over the last several years, budget deficits are impassable when Americans ask for clean drinking water, affordable education, or healthcare but mysteriously appear when there is a need to advocate for military aid packages for Israel and Ukraine.

Back to Josh who, despite his bravado, seems to fear the Palestinian flag. In one tweet, he demands that a new flag be created insinuating, in his quest to demonize all Palestinians and pro-Palestine supporters, that it has become the flag of Hamas.

For a deep tech VC investor, he’s also shockingly unable to identify AI-generated imagery, or worse, is consciously spreading debunked stories, complete fabrications and disinformation, even about sitting members of Congress.

When he’s not promoting genocide abroad or spreading conspiracy theories online, Josh likes to spend his free time eroding people’s constitutional rights in the United States. Josh has aligned with the likes of Bill Ackman and other luminaries to weaponize anti-Semitism in a McCarthyist-style purge of critics of Israel and Zionism.

We also couldn’t help but notice that there are a few people in his sphere of influence who haven’t been sharing their opinions on social media: other Partners at Lux. There are three partners with ties to the Middle East: one with a Palestinian spouse, one who holds a master's degree from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and worked for the State Department, and one who attended high school in the Middle East. Surely such a diverse team with ties to the region would have something to share on the topic?

Perhaps these three accomplished partners don’t feel safe publicly sharing their opinions around someone who has taken it upon himself to shout down anti-genocidal opinions and associate any support of Palestinians with support of Hamas. We’ve spoken to others in the global tech ecosystem who fear retribution from Josh for speaking out. It’s because of the influence and vitriol of tech investors like Josh that we remain anonymous (for now).

A recent profile in Institutional Investor quotes him as saying that he “learned most everything he needed to know about humanity growing up on Coney Island, with its hucksters and scammers” - it’s evident that he knows as much about the Middle East as your average carny and has no problem scamming people with fake news. Its time to shut down his support of genocide and bullying.

We call on Josh to end his bullying of students and his peers in Silicon Valley, to stop spreading disinformation and to publicly condemn the violence of a state that has murdered 11,000 civilians in the past month alone, without resorting to the “but Hamas” broken record. We also call on Lux’s LPs, investors, fund allocators, corporate service providers, financial free zones, and regulators, to sever their relationships with the pro-genocide and anti-human rights firm. End venture capital's support of genocide.