Kenneth Ballenegger, a Managing Partner of Oyster Ventures prefers a world where Palestinians don't reproduce

Kenneth Ballenegger, a Managing Partner of Oyster Ventures prefers a world where Palestinians don't reproduce

Stating on the Oyster Venture's website that she honed her skills at Rothenberg Ventures, a firm described by Bloomberg as "The Valley’s Party Animal", we wonder if Sophia Liao did even the most cursory of research on her soon to be co-managing partner, Kenneth Ballenegger.

Kenneth was previously the co-founder and Chief of Strategy of Republic Crypto, the blockchain arm of early-stage investment platform, Republic, and ran institutional fund products at Angellist.

In 2008, whilst attending Eden College in Durban, Kenneth penned a report for his history class titled "Report on Apartheid". Based on surveying his teachers who lived through apartheid, Kenneth concludes:

"Apartheid is often criticized as a pure evil system, without taking the full factors and results into consideration. When compared to other post-colonial countries in Africa, the situation in South Africa today is much better than anywhere else. This is principally thanks to apartheid system, which albeit repressive and anti-constitutional, prevented full-scale civil war and evolved South Africa and made it into a modern developed country, and improved the quality of living"

Whilst one can put this down to a mind not yet of age, Kenneth's proclivity for genocide was seemingly just getting started.

In subsequently deleted X posts, Kenneth called for re-education camps and the sterilisation of the people of Gaza, as the "only way to pacify the jihadi population" and went on to say that "the world would be a much better place if they didn't reproduce"

In a statement on LinkedIn, Sophia responded that "Oyster Ventures does not tolerate any behaviour that disrespects individuals or groups of people".

We call on Oyster Ventures to explicitly condemn Kenneth’s abhorrent rhetoric and to immediately terminate his employment.

We continue to call on the venture capital community to unite in the name of humanity, and unconditionally end their support of the ongoing genocide perpetrated by Israel and its government.

On the 14th of November 2023, Oyster Ventures decided to immediately suspend and remove Kenneth Ballenegger from the firm. We applaud them for their decisive action.