Matt Ocko of DCVC believes Palestinians are sub-human savages

Matt Ocko is the Co-founder and Co-MD of DCVC, a deep tech fund out of Palo Alto. He is also a member of BENS (Business Executives for National Security) where he advises a variety of groups in the US military and senior staff of the FBI, CIA, and SOCOM.

While Matt does not appear to have any direct involvement in Israeli affairs, his statements echo those of the most extreme elements of the Israeli government. Matt is a supporter of the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and claims that there are “not a lot of innocents” and refers to supporters of a free Palestine as “subhuman”. By extension, human Matt Ocko believes that at least 25% of US Jews and over 40% of Democrats don’t pass his subhuman threshold either.

It is important to note however, that while Matt’s wishes for the destruction of the Palestinian people is troubling, he does seem to share a similar yearning for the annihilation of other populations as well. In 2018, he found himself in hot water with a now deleted tweet where he compared Russian society and its people to the plague and thought it best to quarantine them. 

In another deleted tweet, Matt justifies Israel’s war crimes by advocating for the collective punishment of Palestinians as he demonizes an entire society, a standard Nazi strategy, referring to them as an inhuman “death cult”, while engaging in Holocaust denial as he appears to agree that Palestinians are worse than the Nazis.

It's evident that Matt’s deeply rooted hate for Palestinians doesn't not come from a place of knowledge of the history of the conflict nor from any interaction with people from the region but rather rooted in ignorance and racism. This is further evidenced by his tweets stating that Jordanians, Lebanese and Egyptians will not “take” Palestinians.

Matt’s warped view of reality driven by hate extends to anyone who supports Palestinian rights, as he sees “Free Palestine” protests as a gathering of “future suicide bombers” ignoring the fact that people from all backgrounds including thousands of Jews continue to take part in these marches globally. He calls for the deportation and criminalization of anyone who participates in these democratic processes. Also, captagon?

Matt’s vilification of Palestinians doesn’t end with adults. He’s also vilified Palestinian children in his statements and alarmingly refers to children being taught to rape and murder other children.

Given that Matt is a founder of DCVC, it is unclear whether his views align with firm policy or whether such language / rhetoric is within its acceptable norms. Regardless, we call on DCVC’s other GPs, LPs, fund allocators, corporate service providers, financial free zones, and regulators, to sever their relationships with the pro-genocide and anti-human rights individual immediately. End venture capital's support of genocide.