Y Combinator's CEO Garry Tan supports genocide while silencing Palestinian YC founders

Y Combinator's CEO Garry Tan supports genocide while silencing Palestinian YC founders

Meet Garry Tan, the CEO of Y Combinator, an early employee at Palantir, and the founder of Initialized Capital. Garry has been a strong supporter of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians since day one and is best known for deeply disappointing Y Combinator’s Palestinian and Arab alumni.

After building a reputation for right-wing politics in San Francisco, Garry recently moved on to his latest right-wing cause: supporting genocide. On the topic of Palestine and Israel, people close to him describe him as “uneducated”, as evidenced by the fact that he’s been blocking, unblocking, posting, and deleting non-stop on Twitter. Garry, you should know better than most: you can’t hide from the Internet, and you certainly can’t erase your blind support for Zionism. 

For example, Garry retweets Bari Weiss, a right-wing American Zionist who amplifies Israeli government propaganda. Despite not speaking Arabic and demonstrating his lack of comprehension of the word “genocide”, Garry offers his translation of the word “intifada” as meaning a call to genocide.

Archived post: http://archive.today/0urPN

Arabic isn’t the only thing Garry doesn’t understand; he’s also confused on the meaning of the word ‘genocide’. The below tweet summarizes Garry’s level of understanding of the concept:

Garry keeps company with some of Silicon Valley’s worst genocide supporters and pseudo-intellectuals, such as Shaun Maguire, who was featured on Genocide VC and recently met with representatives of the Israeli government alongside Elon Musk to aid them in their propaganda mission.

Garry also took to Twitter to announce his boycott of WebSummit after an organized take-down of former CEO and Palestinian Human rights supporter Paddy Cosgrave. Later it was revealed that this was a coordinated attack on Paddy led by Bessemer Venture Partners’ Adam Fisher.

Archived post: http://archive.today/SSoAS

Garry’s bigotry has led him to ignore members of YC’s community completely. Despite still bragging about offering his support to Israel, Palestinian YC founders say that they’ve received no support from the organization. This comes despite having direct family members affected by Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of homes, schools, places of worship and hospitals in Gaza. Garry was among the first individuals in Silicon Valley to voice support for Israel in the aftermath of October 7th but since then has done nothing for the Palestinian and other members of his community that were affected by Israel's war crimes.

In fact, Garry recently took his support of genocide and bigotry one step further: he started blocking YC founders and members of the global tech community who disagree with him. This isn’t surprising considering his public support for Bill Ackman and doxxing supporters of Palestine on American university campuses who have been calling for an end to Israel’s genocide.

We call on Y Combinators' other leaders, LPs, partners, and community members to sever their relationships with the pro-genocide and anti-human rights Garry Tan and for him to be removed from YC as CEO immediately. End venture capital's support of genocide.